About Us

Established in 2004, 21st Century Radiology is a diagnostic center introducing advanced and basic radiology procedures. We occupy two facilities located at 3140 Coney Island Ave and 8686 Bay Parkway. The center is set up with the upscale modern radiology equipment purchased from the manufacturer and is ACR accredited as a high quality radiology diagnostics centre. Along with the basic tests – CAT scan, MRI, X-ray, mammography, ultra-sound and osteoporosis tests (DEXA), we conduct some exceptional diagnostics tests and biopsies.

Our Women’s Imaging Center is located at 3140 Coney Island Ave.
In the 21st Century Radiology office at 8686 Bay Parkway we perform heart and blood vessels examination using 160/64 CT scan followed by three-dimensional image reconstruction. That makes it possible to see the inside of brain vessels, heart, pulmonary artery and peripheral vessels.

The top priority for us is high quality of our diagnostics and providing the best care for our patients. We feel responsible for the work we’re doing. We struggle that the tests will be easy for you, and the diagnosis will be accurate.


Our Radiologist

Olga Tsireshkin, MD

Dr. Tsireshkin is a board certified radiologist with subspecialty expertise in mammography. She performs US- and MRI-guided breast biopsies. Dr. Tsireshkin has undergone mammography training at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital of Cornell and residency training at Lennox Hill Hospital.

Our Facility